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Privacy Policy

Definition: This page introduces you to a set of policies that we have crafted to help you maintain due privacy of the information that you share with us for various service-related requirements. Rick’s Cayman Property is the website owned by Rick Burgos and the set of privacy policies are meant to increase the utility value of the website while protecting your right to privacy.

The website: www.rickscaymanproperties.com is a real estate website owned by Rick Burgos and is aimed to operate in interest of visitors and property enthusiasts. In this page, we will be addressing www.rickscaymanproperties.com as ‘This Website’.

Our access and utilization of information: So that we can serve you better in a more customized fashion, we request for a few of your personal details, including, but not limiting to your name, email ID, telephone number and address.

All this information is routed to us in a very safe manner when a visitor registers as a new user into this website. We use highly protected server systems to ensure that none of the information you provide us with, goes into the wrong hands.

We basically utilize this information to keep the registered members informed about our latest property additions, price and status changes that have occurred in the faved and frequently scanned properties, to promote frills and additions in our products and services and for other promotional purposes.

We take care to ensure that whatever information is provided to us, or it being used at our end, strictly stays in confidentiality; unless law demands otherwise. We do not share any member’s personal detail with any third party without the prior consent and confirmation from the member.

Third Parties: You would possibly find links to third party entities on this website now or in the future. We do not take any responsibility towards the authenticity of these third party entities. Hence, privacy of any sensitive information that any visitor submits to any of these third parties would not be guaranteed by us. Any breach in information privacy from the end of these external entities would then be the responsibility of the visitor and Rick’s Cayman Property would not involve itself in any kind of legal proceeding whatsoever.

Cookies: So that you can enjoy our services better, we need to continuously improve on this website’s performance. Cookies are a way to do so. It is possible that when you start navigating through this website, cookies might ask for your permission to access your system. Through these cookies, we intend to collect your IP information so that we know exactly how many times you have gone through this website. Doing so, we calculate the popularity of our website and thus cater to our own SEO improvement requirements.

We ensure that the data collected through cookies are not used elsewhere, for any arbitrary purpose. Allowing this website’s cookies to access your system is optional. If you decide not to share your data, you might choose to change your cookie settings.

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*By using this website and the services provided, you agree to the above mentioned policies.