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How to Correctly Value Your Cayman Property for an Ultimate Sale Deal

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Jan 19, 2017

Whenever it involves selling your real estate property in the Cayman Islands, it's continuously suggested to properly value your property before putting it on the market for sale. The reason being that if you incorrectly value or undermine the price of the property, then you wouldn’t get the right return on your investment.

Property valuation would provide you with an estimate of what approximately the realty ought to be priced, primarily based upon a variety of various factors, providing you with a decent plan of what value to start at. Conducting a property valuation is a superb idea to confirm what is it's current value, and what improvements ought to be created once you wish to increase the worth of your property.

Specified here are a number of the necessary factors which will assist you to properly price your real estate property for a final sale deal which can act as a guide to sell and invest in property within the island.

Price Your Quote Assessing the Neighbourhood:

This is a very important factor that will help you to get the real idea about the area, neighbourhood, and market price. The investors are hesitant to pay the premium value. However if your property provides you some additional advantages within the same value range, then it'd be very helpful for you and you'd conjointly get an honest gross margin. This might offer you favourable position relative to the other property sellers within the specific space or area.

Price per area unit in a Particular Location:

This is one in each of the vital ways that typically folks use to work out the price range for his or her property within the Cayman Islands. Buyers like to shop by comparing what other properties in the same area have sold for and what is currently on the market. A professional realtor can provide you with Competitive Market Analysis so that your property attracts enough attention from buyers and brokers to generate showings and offers.

At the end of December 2016, the value of property transfers reached KYD435M, which was marginally up over 2015. The total number of transfers were up too.

To be honest the numbers were influenced by some notable sales over the past year.

How to Correctly Value Your Cayman Property

Price Your Quote Depending on the Condition of your House:

Quote a price that depends on the condition of your property. If your property is in a dilapidated condition, then the value will decrease irrespective of the fact that it's located at a premium location in the Cayman Islands. Thus for a final sale deal for your property, you would like to own a decent condition of the real estate property.

Do Not Underestimate any Buyer:

Never underestimate any buyer. Notwithstanding the customer’s budget, with a proper Market Analysis you'll be able to convince the customer of the soundness of the investment, and acquire the ball in your own winning court.

To conclude, well maintained interiors and exteriors, and a peaceful and relaxed surrounding is the key for evaluation. The best price obtainable can only be determined by testing the market and challenging the competition. In the end the market dictates the value based on current conditions, number of potential buyers ETC.

Good luck for your real estate property investment!

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