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In our last report, we called for continued mediocre to poor economic results in Cayman unless the US economy improved and Cayman was able to get needed Capital Projects moving.

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Oct 09, 2014 Download

Cayman was unable to make any headway on any of the projects. The interim PNA Government, required by the vote of no-confidence
in the UPD (after then Premier McKeeva Bush was charged with numerous counts of corruption), was simply a caretaker government.
However, the stock market in the US made a strong move upward which, at least temporarily, increased spending.
Right now dollar
volume of Real Estate Sales is up 10.6% YTD
over last year, and the recent trend seems to be strongly up. The dollar volume of
pending sales is also trending higher at +27% YTD. That bodes well for a strong second half.

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